Richmond - BC - Canada


  • ABC for Kids

    Simple app to teach the alphabet letters and its sounds

    javascript react styled components txt2audio javascript html css
  • Animals

    A simple app to teach babies about animals and its sounds

    babel html gulp sass javascript webpack txt2audio
  • txt2audio

    A small lib to convert text strings to audio files (mp3 & ogg) using Google Text to Speech api

    javascript nodejs mp3 ogg text to speech
  • AccuWeather Wrapper

    A simple wrapper to work with the Accuweather Web API

    babel chai coveralls javascript mocha webpack
  • JS Starter Boilerplate

    Yet another simple boilerplate for small JS projects

    babel chai coveralls javascript mocha webpack
  • Recipes List

    A front-end assessment made for a company in Vancouver

    html javascript react styled components cypress webpack
  • Trackplayer

    A trackplayer designed to help me with my bands, where I needed to play some tracks with previously programmed instruments (currently I'm working in a new version with React)

    html sass gulp javascript react webpack
  • Night Mode

    A simple CSS way to improve reading on low light environments

    html css javascript
  • Let's Count to Ten

    A react app to teach my daughter how to count to ten

    html styled components javascript react webpack
  • Todo App

    A basic to-do list mande with vanilla javascript

    html css javascript